Business Coaching – Stress Management/Well being


Wellbeing is essential within organisations and is a strategic issue – Anincreasing amount of organisations are taking it seriously because it helps them to achieve the business level outcomes they value. For that reason the issue is now owned at HR Director level and the best organisations are making efforts to manage it in an integrated and measurable way.

Why as a business, are you investing in wellbeing?

is it to reduce sickness absence?,

Is to improve productivity and performance?, or is it just for the outcome of improved wellbeing in itself, or for another reason?

Coaching Direct will help you determine what you’re already doing that contributes to your wellbeing goals. You and your employees may be surprised by how much you already do!

Coaching Direct will;

  • Help businesses to develop their business case for investing in wellbeing defining the goals and establish a baseline of measurement for wellbeing.
  • Design interventions that can be integrated into existing HR processes and, of course, evaluating success.
  • Co-ordinate wellbeing activities to effectively help manage stress through training and development to health promotion schemes.
  • Fully integrate the work you have already done and unlock the full value of your wellbeing investment.
  • Offer a step-by-step, action orientated approach that will enable you to manage wellbeing.
  • Work with individuals or groups within the organisation to help reduce stress, sickness absence and promote the corporate well being initiatives.

Program overview – Business Stress
and well being management

Self-awareness, realisation and actualisation

Understanding individual responsibilities and the ability to process the realisation/actualisation and its pertinence within the workplace.

Conflict and behaviour management 

Employees can experience internal conflict due to perceived insurmountable difficulties. This permeates into every aspect of their lives that they struggle to manage. Coaching direct will assist your employees in their understanding and aim to empower constructive self-management.

Perceptional Awareness to achieve self-efficacy 

We are all subject to our perception that shapes the world we live in. We will help your employees understand the connectivity of Perceptional awareness helping them move towards Self efficacy (Albert Bandura social cognitive theory) which is the strength in one’s belief driving the ability to complete tasks and achieve goals.

Autonomic, Behavioural and Cognitive functioning

How we think affects our feelings and behaviour…change the thought and you change your world!


Coaching Direct will teach your employees this essential tool for self-mastery to help with the stress and pressure of everyday life. Mindfulness is a valuable and necessary skill to have to enhance all aspects of life. The great thing is it’s so easy to apply and you can practice it anywhere anytime.


Hypnosis is a valuable tool for instant self-empowerment and continuous personal growth. We will help employees use aspects of hypnosis techniques to enhance their performance at work and their personal life.

Motivational / Inspirational Speaking

Coaching Direct can prepare a specific motivational/inspirational talk to engage and inspire your employees. This can also be used to reinforce your corporate message for values, behaviours and your appreciation for their hard work.

Analysis of organisations current wellbeing strategies

Coaching direct will examine current sickness absence levels, organisational values, behaviours and wellbeing promotional schemes. We will look to benchmark best practice research with your current efforts to achieve a progressive outcome for your organisation. We will also install an evaluative process to measure what successes will be achieved.