Yes you can!Coaching in Schools

Coaching Direct offers a bespoke program for schools whom have children that demonstrate challenging behaviour and who do not engage. Coaching direct over a 10-week program that aims to;

  • Identify with the child why they feel the way they do
  • Listen to their story
  • Explore strengths and areas of difficulties
  • Identify their aspirations, dreams and desires
  • Formulate a plan strategy to achieve their goals.
  • Target setting
  • Help them understand the value of learning
  • Reduce dysfunctional/disruptive behaviour
  • Help them understand the nature and value of relationships.
  • Strategies for improving motivation.

We at coaching direct understand that no matter what age you are the recognition of your inner most passions desires dreams aspirations are key to the experience you encounter throughout your life journey.

Will you end up having a job or a career.?

We also understand the organic and psychological difficulties of the teenage mind. We have partnered with author of my teen brain to be able to better understand the challenges experienced by young adults.

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We have completed our 1st year Impact Evaluation Report which can be read or downloaded here .